KEITH HARING —  the man, the myth, the legend


role —

Set Design 

Art Direction


Window Display


about —

Keith Haring is an iconic NYC artist known for his quirky art, bold colors, and a dedication to social activism. Working alongside the Kipling team, I took the visuals used on our bags and brought it to life for our photoshoot and our store windows. It was important to emphasize the different characters and bring a bright and fun expression to the campaign. Having the pattern as the backdrop to the photoshoot and a doorway for the models to interact allowed for a new level of movement and expression. 


set design —

For the set, it was important to have a doorway that allowed the models to interact and be more playful with each other and the camera. We wanted to bring in a sense of pop art funkiness with the bags and also showcase keith's artwork with an all-over pattern as the backdrop.


window display —

Bringing the same fun and iconic feel to life in the physical space of our store windows provided a bit of a challenge. It was important to show movement and that was achieved through the artwork vinyl placed on the glass and depth through layering the hanging banners and pedestals to hold the products.


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