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Window Display 

Hangtag Design


about —

Ariel may have thought her collection was complete, but these bags  would have been the perfect addition. I was tasked with creating a hangtag to live on all of the bags and also the window designs for our stores. Taking the graphic treatments used on the bags, I brought the feeling of ocean to life.


hangtag development —

It was important to create a hangtag that would blend in with the collection while also stand out to a customer as being unique and special in a sea of monotony. I chose a — what do you call it? Oh yeah, iridescent!— finish to represent light in the ocean and add a sense of movement to a 2D piece. It's framed within an iconic seashell shape and with Ariel's silhouette, it is sure to build a sense of nostalgia to anyone who owns a dinglehopper.


window display —

For this window display, it was all about texture. Since the ocean is so diverse, I wanted to convey a sense of underwater movement through the different materials and patterns. The hanging holographic sequins surrounding the window set the stage to make make you feel like you are part of her world and the pedestals are highlighted by adding Ariel's scales. With the addition of the bubbles and sea grass as vinyl decals to create another layer of depth, you truly feel like you have gone "under the sea."


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